Small Group Communication: A Theoretical Approach
(Third Edition)
Charles Pavitt

Small Group Communication: A Theoretical Approach is a textbook intended for use in upper-level undergraduate or master's level courses in Small Group Communication.  It was originally published as a print book in two editions, in 1990 and 1994; the current edition was published in 1998.  The copyright is now in the possession of the author, who has chosen to place the book in the public domain.  Feel free to use it and/or distribute it, under the following two conditions:
1 - The user/distributor should not gain financial profit from its use/distribution.
2 - The author should be given credit when cited or referenced.


 Chapter One - First Considerations

 Chapter Two - Groups versus Individuals - Which are Better?

 Chapter Three - Cohesiveness

 Chapter Four - Group Conflict (chapter rewritten in 2001!)

 Chapter Five - Power

 Chapter Six - Conformity and Deviance

 Chapter Seven - Social Influence

 Chapter Eight - Group Process

 Chapter Nine - Imposed Group Structures

 Chapter Ten - Leadership: Non-Communication Approaches

 Chapter Eleven - Leadership: Communication Approaches

 Chapter Twelve - Descriptive Approaches to Decision Making

 Chapter Thirteen - Formal Procedures for Group Decision Making

 Appendix - The Study of Group Process