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Spiritual Warfare













Sword of the Spirit



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Spiritual warfare is defined theologically by the boundary between the Biblical worldview and the secular/pagan worldview.  See the worldview library for further information. 

Spiritual warfare is defined personally by the boundary within myself between the Kingdom of God and the kingdom of the world, the flesh, and the devil.  It is a matter first whether we are truth-seekers (at any cost to ourselves), and then of whom we depend on (ultimately) and who we obey (ultimately).   Trust and obedience defines our religion and our worship.  Who is the source of our being (our ultimate dependency) and whom do we obey (our sovereign)?  

Spiritual warfare is the warfare overarching all other strife and contention.   All military warfare is a segment of the spiritual war going on all the time -- until the return of the King. 

Spiritual warfare is not necessarily about demons and invisible enemies.  We encounter spiritual warfare among humans whenever truth is subverted (see Romans 1:18 ff.).  It is a rather common thing among us, but seldom recognized as such.  That is why Western Civ. is self-destructing, Western Christians do not know where the enemy is or how to spot him.  Waging spiritual warfare begins with learning how to distinguish truth from falsehood, and learning how then to wield the 2-edged sword of the Spirit -- reason welded back to back with revelation.  The 2-edged Sword of the Spirit is revelation and reason welded back to back -- an invincible weapon. 

See The Authority of the Bible in a Scientific Age for a start on this. 

The so-called culture-clash between Islam and the West is a part of that ultimate warfare.  As is the culture war going on in America.   The issues are muddied because few Westerners, including Christians, are aware that there is such a war, especially the occult part of it (which unobtrusively saturates Western Civ.), or that Biblical religion has a unique and winning worldview. 


On Dying Well

** What is Truth?  -  the definition of 'truth' 

** What is Faith?  -  the definition of 'faith'   

** What is FREEDOM? -- Earle Fox -- a basic concept which is badly misunderstood, and the right understanding of which will help resolve enormous problems in Western Civ.

** What is Treason?  -- 

** Over His dead body....  commentary by E. Fox  on essay by Anthony Esolen in Touchstone Magazine

** Have We Lost the Culture War?  -- E Fox commentary on article by Beverly Eakman 

** God is showing up...  E. Fox 

** Satanic Attack and Pascal's Wager - How to defend against that other "still, small voice"  E. Fox

** Meditation on Death at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier  --  E. Fox

** Spiritual Warfare in our Pseudo-Scientific Culture  -  Report on Clergy meeting at Episcopal Diocese of Quincy --  Tapes available

** Courtesy, Etiquette, & the Wedding of Truth to Love - E. Fox    On the rules of engagement for living in the light. 

** Baby Gap -- and the coming darkness...    E. Fox comment 

** End Game --  Western Civ. is being checkmated.  There is no turning back.  We must work through the consequences of our own sin, and, under the law and grace of God, get prepared to rebuild a new Christendom. 

** An E. Fox family exchange on Islam ---

** "Dialogue to Consensus" -- a demonic control mechanism. 

** How do Christians deal with Public Blasphemy?  --  About the spiritual maturity of Christians more than about the blasphemy of pagans.   Comment by E. Fox.

** Multiculturalism does not make Vibrant Communities, but Defensive Ones --  Steve Sailer.  Comment by E. Fox 

** The Power of Satan over the Very Young...     E. Fox

** Vigorous Fellowship in the Body of Christ --  How do we speak the hard truth in love to one another?     E. Fox  

** Only a Saved People can Keep Civil Government on a Constitutional Tether -- (on Audio-Video Page) Sermon at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA, Feb. 22, 2009   E. Fox      Html printable version.

"Question with boldness even the existence of a God, because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason than that of blindfolded fear."   -- Thomas Jefferson    Or, as Elijah, I Kings 18, shows up on Mount Carmel, put truth ahead of God, because truth only then becomes the Royal Road to God.  

The Stranger...... 

The End of Time - David Horowitz -- story of his own spiritual life - remarkable.  How many Christians can give an intellectually, morally, and spiritually honest response?

We have met the enemy...  --  Captain Oliver Perry - (not Pogo)  Christians must learn to take the offensive. 

Kuwaiti Muslim testifies to his love of freedom in America -- astonished at examples of repression here. 

Societies  *Worse off*  "When They Have God on Their Side"  --  Can we rescue the reputation of God?

Anne Graham -- WE REAP WHAT WE SOW --    A MUST READ 

Paul Hill - requiescat in Pacem -- a witness to his death at the hands of the government.  See other articles in the Life/Health Library 

The Picture of Doria Gray --  a modern parable about feelings and relationships...  and "meth". 

Stop Apologising for Being Christian!   --  says English Atheist  -- It's time Christians felt the same way. 

Doublethink & the Church (& the West...)  --  The Revs. Paul Zahl  and W. B.  Two superb articles on the necessary foundations of truth for any coherent civilization.  

Rejecting our fathers, hating our country -- by Bob Just --  Were are we going, America?  Do you want to go there?

The Jewish Case for "Merry Christmas"  --  Don Feder 

A World Split Apart -  by Alexander Solzhenitsyn

Street Gangs in Los Angeles -- 

The New Paganism and the Culture of Death: "False gods always demand innocent blood"  --  at Virtue Online 

Games, Children, & Death -- telling children when they should die....     The obscene use of the "carbon footprint..." 

Franky Schaeffer - on the degradation of America (1992 speaking to the Missionaries to the PreBorn).

John Rankin on Jeremiah Wright & the Level Playing Field --  John Rankin of Theological Education Institute --   


** A Letter to a Search Committee -- from E. Fox to a church -- with basic principles for truth-seeking, and 5 questions to ask your candidates.  If your church is looking for a  pastor / priest / minister, read this and give it to your search committee. 

** An open letter to Paul Zahl, Dean of Trinity Episcopal School for Ministry -- responding to his article: Re-Alignment and the Episcopal Church -- on taking back the Episcopal Church for Christ.

** E. Fox - farewell letter to John Chane, Bishop of Washington, DC. 

** The Rise of Christianity - comment by E. Fox on Rodney Stark's book  

** Remaking Anglicanism -- & Western Civ.     E. Fox commentary.   How helpful will 3rd World Christians be in helping Western Christians out of their mess?  Only in a limited way.  

How the Catholic Church built Western Civ.  -- Thomas E. Woods, Jr.

Killer Culture -- a Call to the Churches -  by Bob Just --  A CALL TO ARMS.   PLEASE READ. 

Christianity & the 12 Steps (from AA)

Christians Eat Lions --  Don Feder

The Lord of the World --  link to article by Dennis Cuddy -- on potential influence of Benedict XVI against the "new world order" crowd.   An eye-opener.  I believe that Cuddy is not a Roman Catholic, but I hope that he is on target regarding the new Pope.  The lines are becoming more and more clear as the secular/pagan world lines up against the Biblical world.  If only the Biblical people will stand up with clarity...

The Episcopal Dilemma -- Well Put  -  by Sarah Hey -- (there is also a solution -- E. Fox)  

Roman Catholic "Back to Basics"?  news of a retrenchment by the Pope.  The author of the article seems to believe that getting back to the good old days is the way to a healthy Church.  Not the case.  Returning to the old Mass and other decorative changes will have little effect if four things of substance do not happen:  (1) Christians regain their intellectual credibility, (2) Christians learn how to articulate and defend the Biblical worldview, (3) Christians learn how to interpret the Bible in public with reason and grace, and (4) Christians learn how to die well.   

              These four steps will put you well on your way to becoming a spiritual warrior who can stand face to face with the the world presenting Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

              Properly understood, the Mass or the Holy Communion is indeed all about learning how to die a successful death, but it is a terrible error to think that changing the liturgy will itself have a deep effect.  The RC Church had that Latin, ultra-conservative liturgy all through the 19th and most of the 20th century.  Those were the years that the whole of Christendom was collapsing into its present state of infighting and other self-destructive behaviors, not thriving. 


The Marketing of Evil --  two book reviews on the moral depravity in advertising and marketing industry. 

Conservative Collapse -- the failure of religious conservative leadership at the highest levels.... 

** Truth in Politics -- on the failure of our "conservative" leadership -- almost across the board...   Especially in sexuality issues. 

** Betrayal by Pseudo-Conservative Leadership -- It is worse than I had thought...   The loyal remnant (those who value truth and our constitutional freedoms) are now  very small minority.   Read the unassailable evidence right in the Massachusetts Constitution.  The Courts are NOT the Big Problem, it is the legislators who will not stand up, and executives who desire power and control.   E. Fox.

** Objectives, Strategy, & Tactics -- Why (and how) Christians MUST get their priorities straight....  E. Fox

** Letter to Beverly LaHaye at Concerned Women for America -- the abortion and homosexuality problem is executive (not judicial) activism.  

** A Seat at the Table -- by Tom Hoefling --    
        We do not want or need a seat at any table but that of God......Commentary E. Fox  

Conservative Collapse -- Summary of issues --   

First We Defend Law ---  Then We Defend Life  -- Kerry Morgan, Esq.  --  a stunning essay on why we have failed to overturn Roe v. Wade, and the only way to do so.  We must first address the deliberate and systematic overthrow by so-called Judicial Review (really Judicial Supremacy) of our whole legal system -- founded on the Law and Grace of God, on the Declaration of Independence, and on our Constitution.  READ THIS.  It will change your whole perspective on the meaning of law and its relation to life. 

Bill to Apparently opening door to teaching Communism in California Schools on Gov. Schwarzenegger's Desk.  Go to Capital Resource Institute -- to call into the Governor's office and express your opinion -- http://capwiz.com/capitolresource/callalert/index.tt?alertid=11770716    Go to www.leginfo.ca.gov (do search for SB 1322) to read the bill.  It is very difficult legalese reading.  
        My  take on the matter: Communism is NOT dead, as the bill says.  The dangers are just as great as ever.  Only the Soviet Union is dead, but Communism is alive and well in a more "friendly" guise -- the "long subversive march through our institutions".  The "Democrats" (now run by many who favor Communism) want to lower the defenses against Communism, but forbid us to teach Christianity, Communism's worst enemy. 
         This mind-control is what happens to education whenever it is controlled by the government rather than a freemarket system.  We no longer have a freemarket of ideas.  And we no longer have a democratic constitutional republic. 
        Communism is just as much a "religion" as is Christianity (it has its own worldview, morality, politics, culture, etc.), but there are no laws on the Governor's desk to make it easier to teach Christianity -- which gave us our Constitutional freedoms.  Is it not clear where the Democratic Party is going?  A centralized, tyrannical government is in the making in America. 
        We are in a war where only one side is shooting.  What is the matter with our side???  Where are our spiritual leaders?   There is essentially no conservative movement alive, and America is spiritually leaderless.  That means (IF WE DO NOT REPENT) the end of Western Christian Civilization -- and return to pagan autocracy.     E. Fox  

How Mitt Romney Brought Same Sex Marriage to America --  Robert Paine -- It will change how you view the whole pseudo-conservative movement.  

It's Not a Conspiracy -- Just a Cover-Up --  Part I by John Haskins & Gregg Jackson on the homosexual "marriage" debacle, and the subversion of truth and justice by Romney & Schwarzenegger --  See also Part II 

LETTER TO MITT ROMNEY from Pro-Family Leaders -- pointing to his lying and deception about homosexual marriage while governor of Massa  chusetts.  Romney may be guilty of a felony crime -- enforcing the rewriting of marriage certificates without legal authority.    Romney should be tried for his crimes. 
        NOTE: Many of these Pro-Family leaders later backed out and supported Romney, despite his betrayal of every principle of honesty, morality, of marriage, and of America.  
        GO TO WWW.UNDERGROUNDJOURNAL.NET and read several other articles by well versed persons on Romney.  It is an appalling situation which is being repeated in California under Gov. Schwarzenegger. 

More on ILLEGALITY of Homosexual Marriage in Massachusetts.   Read this!  The Governors of both Massachusetts and California are standing in violation of the law and of their sworn oaths to obey the laws and constitutions of their states. 
        See Gregg Jackson's letter to the LA Times.    

Executive "Pro-Homosexual" Tyranny in CA -  Gov. Schwarzenegger says he will alter marriage licenses -- for which he has no legislative or constitutional authority.

Illegal Attack on Family -  Dr. Ted Baehr --  A powerful defense of Biblical marriage vs. civil government control.  The role of civil government is to administer the laws God has already given us, not to invent its own.  

Judiciary is NOT the Problem -- John Haskins on Same Sex Marriage in Massachusetts and California.  A review of the legal issues. 

Changing the Common Law did NOT Change the [Massachusetts] Constitution (about marriage) --  Link to Robert Paine Esq. 

California Court Did NOT Have Power To Strike Down California Prohibition On Same-Sex "Marriage"  -- Link to Gregg Jackson guest editorial at RFFM.org.   Describes how the Court & Governor lied to the public. 

PAUL WEYRICH -- Conservatives Unwittingly Aiding in Destruction of America --- Weyrich agrees that courts cannot change the laws, and that our American civilization is in peril because Christian leaders have promoted the deceitful nonsense that they can.  Until we call the executives (presidents and governors - Romney & Schwarzenegger) to account, we will continue to lose the spiritual/culture war.  Only the executives have the power to enforce anything.  And they can decline to do so if they think it constitutionally right.  Until We, the People, hold them accountable, our freedoms will continue to erode.   Wake up, America!

Kung Fu Panda (& the Day the Slacker Died...)  --  One More Reason Why America is dying. 

'Bride' & 'Groom' now banned in California --  We brought this on ourselves by agreeing that the CA Supreme Ct could make and/or change law.  It cannot do that, and to agree to it is to subject ourselves to a tyranny.  Homosexual marriage is still ILLEGAL in California.  The Court changed nothing at all.  It was Gov. Schwarzenegger who violated his oath of office and should be impeached.  See Conservative Collapse.   See also just below - First We Defend Law...   E. Fox 

Obama Crossing the Threshold into a Post-Constitutional Abyss -- John Haskins  

Obama, Oaths, and the End of Constitutional Government --   Alan Keyes & John Haskins  at The Underground Journal  -- 

So, You Think there is No Globalist "Conspiracy"?    -    from www.WorldNetDaily.com   --
            Do your own research from independent and varied sources, especially on the internet (blogs, e-mail).  Check out attorney Phil Berg's website
for information on his further litigation of Obama citizenship cases ( www.ObamaCrimes.com ), and the United States Justice Foundation (California case) website ( www.usjf.net/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=index&catid=13 ) See also Arlen Williams' informative blog ( http://investigatingobama.blogspot.com/ ) and World Net Daily ( www.wnd.com ).  Links to several articles are provided below, through February 22.  

Education  --  See Education Library

** Have We Lost the Culture War?  -- E Fox commentary on article by Beverly Eakman, one of the most perceptive of fighters in this war. 

Public Education Brainwashing  -- Thomas Hart   ---  the roles of John Dewey and Roger Baldwin in creating a public mind-control system. 

California Prof. flunks Kuwaiti's Pro-US Essay...     an indication of the erosion of sanity in Western Civ.

Mental Health, Social Control, & Education - Dennis Cuddy - Part 13 of series. 

Revolution in Education -- Soviet Style  --  a piece by Charlotte Iserbyte -  a MUST READ if you want to understand why America can no longer think straight.   This is scary stuff.  Back to prayers and strategizing with God.   

School House Crock -- Sexual Eminent Domain  -- by Doug Powers.  This is a school system near Los Angeles (and the legendary 9th circuit court).  What about your school system?  "It can't happen here!"?  Do you know what is happening in Massachusetts?  

Government Sex Ed -- Criminal Child Abuse, not Education 

Why we need the Freedom of Education Act --  Tom DeWeese 

ReSources on the Destruction of American Education --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rare find for information and background on how it all happened. 

Mass. Resistance -- David Parker case - Who owns the children?  Schools adamant about right to feed homosexual lifestyle to children with no parental right to opt our or even be notified.  Coming to a school system near you soon.   What are you doing about it?  
     Q: Why do parents leave their children in such schools????

Continuing Collapse --  Prisoners of Zelda -- California School Children  --  our path down the road into sexual self-destruction continues, with the Church oblivious.    This is a sign of the impending persecution of Christians.  We had better get our selves ready.   E. Fox 

Beverly Eakman on Mind-Control in Education -- Eakman is one of the best researchers available on this subject.  If you think our government schools are about education rather than mind-control, go to her website
        The use of mind-control is a sure sign of spiritual warfare.  Satan is called the father, not of adultery, murder, or war, but of lies.  Deception is his primary and easily most powerful tool.  Persons to do mind-control are sold out to evil, and need to be confronted with the light of truth.  Evil cannot stand to live in the light, and, though we cannot stop all evil until Jesus comes back, we can make them head for the caves and hide under the rocks, and run them from the public arena. 

Terrifying Event in Germany -- Totalitarian German Government Clamps Down (again) on Homeschoolers - in a house raid, removes children from home while parents away.  Sentences parents to psychological testing for homeschooling.  This is totalitarian mind-control, not education.    See Education Library for more on German education. 


Tortured for Christ - Richard & Sabina Wurmbrand --  An astonishingly wonderful story of the cross life.  What happens when you just stick to the truth -- persecution and victory.

The Truth Project  --  Focus on the Family --   Worldview issues are catching on...! 

Islam  -- See Islam Library

** Islam & the Problem of Rationality -- Patrick Poole  --  The reasons why Islam CANNOT engage in rational discussion become more clear as one discovers not only the military history, but the intellectual history, of Islam.   E. Fox commentary. 

Jihad Watch...   Some changes are taking place in the Jihad corral.  The West and Christians are not prepared. 

Do we need religion?  - former Muslims trying to make it as secularists.  Another break in Muslim unity. 

Liberals - Islamists unite against Pope --   Superb writing.... 

Global Jihad: and Why We are All in this Together -- Don Feder

Pope Baptizes Muslim -- Life in danger.   He tells story of conversion.    Will the Pope and other Christians stand openly with Allam, who has put his life at risk to stand openly in his Christian faith, and gracefully and truthfully expose the deceit and violence of radical Islam for what it is???   Will moderate Muslims publicly support this man's free choice of religion, and openly condemn terrorism?  Who among us will put our lives at risk for the same precious freedom ordered under the law and grace of God?  


HOW FAR HAVE WE GONE DOWN THE ROAD OF PERVERSION? --  Statement read at a football game

Societies  *Worse off*  "When They Have God on Their Side"  --  Can we rescue the reputation of God?

Be ye angry and sin not.... 

Occult - Conspiracy -- See Politics: Conspiracy;   Internet Sites 

** Secret Society Amendment to the Constitution -- 

** Is the American Government Out of Control?  -  E. Fox 

** Dialogue in Darkness -- subversion of truth to gain power is the heart of all occult societies. 

Secret Mysteries of America's Beginning ---  DVD from The Cutting Edge.  Describes the influence of occult societies in Western history, leading up to the founding and settling of America, to the present day.  This appears to me to be a responsible work documenting occult influence, which we ignore at our peril.  

Radio Liberty -- a superb resource for understanding our culture, and why systematic destruction of Western Civilization is happening.  As FDR said, "If it happens in politics, somebody planned it."    We are in a  war of the spirit, and the Church is waving a rubber sword (not of the Spirit) with its pants falling down around its knees. It is time we unsheathed the Sword of the Spirit.   Our choice is between "Jesus is Lord" or civil government is lord.  George Bush is neither teaching nor leading like a Christian, a follower of Jesus.  Choose this day whom you will serve. 

Was Tolkein a Christian?  Berit Kjos implies, rightly, I think, that his Christianity was compromised.  His Lord of the Rings did more to inspire occult writing than it did Christian writing.   See also another Kjos article on the occult in our culture.  Tolkein was, I think, a Christian who got seduced into some unhelpful ways of presenting the Biblical message. 

Marketing the Occult -- Harry Potter -- by Berit Kjos  (a very good writer).  Is she right or wrong?  If the name of Jesus is not mentioned, if there is no clear word of truth about ultimate commitments, then the material is suspect.  Where there is doubt or darkness, there is legitimate room for suspicion. 

Harry's Last Battles & Rowling's Beliefs...   Berit Kjos.   I have read none of Harry's battles, but I do respect Berit Kjos.  Whether she is on target here, I am not sure.  But worth reading.  It is clear to me that C. S. Lewis had the better of his argument with Tolkein, Lewis insisting that one should make his spiritual commitments reasonably clear through his writing, Tolkein saying that it should just come through the story.  Sadly, Tolkein's powerful writing was picked up more by pagans, leading to the Dungeons and Dragons genre much more than to Biblical themes.  (What would Tolkein say if he knew?)  I think the Christian meaning of The Lord of the Rings is somewhat debatable.  A bit too hidden.  I suspect the same of Rowling. 

Harry Potter & the Baptized Imagination -- 

Real Conspiracies, Past and Present  -- Berit Kjos 

Berit Kjos' website - Crossroad - Excellent info on state of culture war, education, occult, etc. 

Bill Gates and Lucis Trust??? 

Confidential: America's Beginnings --  Devvy Kidd has done some research on what the occult folks were doing at the founding of America.  I have no doubt they were at work, and are still.  The problem, however, is not the occult folks, it is God's own disobedient people.   As I said in a recent sermon, "There is no force on earth, no totalitarianism, no mind-control, no misguided religion or government which can stand against an intellectually, morally, and spiritually mature Judeo-Christian community."  Our problem is Christians being faithful, obedience, and courageous enough to be used by God.  But things are happening. 

Nazis and the Occult --  The occult is an obsession with power, and is naturally attracted to politics and government.  Including in America. 

American Deception -- Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rock solid researcher with growing numbers of original documents from American and world history on the conspiracy to bring the world under One World Order.  If you want the raw evidence, here it is. 

American Deception #2 --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- an exceptional writer.   From her intro page. 


** So, you are a conspiracy theorist...???   Well, yes, as a matter of fact...  :-) 

** The Quigley Formula vs. the Jesus Formula  --  E. Fox commentary on a talk by G. Edward Griffin on the globalist  conspiracy.   How will Christians retake Western Civ?     

** Liberal Democracy & the Angel of Light -  E. Fox 

** Lex orandi - Lex credendi  --   Prayers for our national life -- a lesson in Godly politics.  Comment by E. Fox.    See also the Prayer Library.  Prayer is not an optional extra for Christians. 

** 4th OF JULY -- Independence, Government, God, & Theocracy  --   E. Fox . 

** Is the American Government Out of Control?  -  E. Fox

** From Freedom to Fascism -- by Aaron Russo, a documentary which starts out as a quest to find the statute which says that Americans must file a 1040 every year declaring their income, and pay a tax on it.  The astonishing thing is that there is no such bit of legislation.  If that is so, the 1040 is bogus.  But that is just the beginning.  

                    If anyone else out there has seen this CD, please let me know what you think of it.  Send an email to emmfox@theroadtoemmaus.org     E. Fox        

** Salvation, the Church, & the State ---  a sermon preached at Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA. 

** Peace on Earth -- True or False?   by Berit Kjos --  Who will lead to peace?  The UN or Jesus?  That is the overwhelming public policy issue of our time.  2000 years ago it was Caesar or Jesus.  Nothing has changed.  Either Jesus will be Lord, or civil government will be lord.  Take your pick.  Choose this day whom you will serve.   Commentary by E. Fox. 

** Ron Paul for President???   --   This just may be God at work to restore America...   E. Fox commentary. 

** We, the People continues to find government absolutely resistant to being held accountable.  A story of established (not coming) tyranny, already in control.  With much worse to come.  UNLESS we, the people, stand up and let them understand -- Not with our country, you don't!   Are you ready?      E. Fox 

** WITNESS - by Whittaker Chambers...   Chambers is one of the great heroes of the 20th century -- leaving the Communist underground to expose the Communist infiltration, standing almost alone through severe Congressional investigations, and writing a stunning book to tell the story....   He understood the spiritual warfare in which he was engaged better than almost anyone of the time.    Reading WITNESS is like reading the Lord of the Rings in real time.  Yes, there was (is) an evil empire.     E. Fox

** Truth in Politics -- on the failure of our "conservative" leadership -- almost across the board...   Especially in sexuality issues. 

** THE GREATEST THREAT FACING AMERICA -- by Bobby Franklin, Georgia House of Representatives.   Read it.   Commentary by E. Fox. 

** The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit -- & Its Impact on World History ...  by E. Michael Jones -- reviews by E. Fox and and other writers.  Jones raises some powerful questions about where world history is headed.  I disagree strongly with some of his assertions, but he is raising issues with which we MUST deal, or perish as a meaningful civilization. 

** The Protocols of the Elders of Zion --   E. Fox Commentary 

** Alan Keyes: the Obama Birth Cert. vs. the Constitution --  E. Fox commentary. 

We, The People -- Case coming up to Supreme Court --  A  terrific summary of our current political disaster -- and the hope for better.  The case is about the government's 1st Amendment duty to respond to a petition for redress of grievances -- the Capstone of all rights.  Our government has routinely violated this obligation.  The webpage describes a wonderful conference coming up in March 2007, Alexandria, Virginia....  Sign up if you can...    (See follow up in item just above this one....)  

Aaron Russo on Ron Paul's Possible Candidacy --  Exciting...! 

America Alone: the End of the World -- Part I by Mark Steyn 

Roots of American Culture & Community in Disarray - Rep Bill Wood in House Ways & Means Committee.   SUPERB assessment of  the war within America.  Do you know the name -- Antonio Gramsci?

Sen. Zell Miller -- "The US in Decline"    MUST READ -- Yes, there is hope for America.  Stand up with him.

"It's the Values, Stupid!"  Melanie Phillips, Daily Mail, England --  Yes, there is hope for England and the continent. 

"Americanism - & Its Enemies" - David Gelernter --  Wonderful insights on America's Biblical foundations by an excellent scholar. 

Hate Crimes -- The Knock on the Door --  Robert Jason visited in Canada.    COMING TO YOUR DOOR SOON ...  IF YOU SPEAK OUT. 

Are We Witnessing the Rise of the Fourth Reich?  ---  Pastor Chuck Baldwin -- "...any western nation will rise or fall according to the attitudes and actions of its Christian leaders and churches.  ....while any nation might survive corrupt politicians, greedy merchants, and sinful citizens, it cannot survive cowardly, compromising churches! As the churches go, so goes the country!"  Baldwin is exactly right.  The corruption of the West is the fault, primarily, of the Church, not the politicians, and just like in Germany, can lead to totalitarianism. 

End of the American Dream -- Dick Lamm, former Governor of Colorado... 

Christianity & the Rise of Freedom -- Chuck Colson on Rodney Stark's book, The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom...

Radio Liberty -- a superb resource for understanding our culture, and why systematic destruction of Western Civilization is happening.  As FDR said, "If it happens in politics, somebody planned it."    We are in a  war of the spirit, and the Church is waving a rubber sword (not of the Spirit) with its pants falling down around its knees. It is time we unsheathed the Sword of the Spirit.   Our choice is between "Jesus is Lord" or civil government is lord.  George Bush is neither teaching nor leading like a Christian, a follower of Jesus.  Choose this day whom you will serve. 

First Strike - TWA Flight 800 & the Attack on America  --  Jack Cashill & James Sanders  More on the occult (hidden) side of politics. 

Political Correctness - the Revenge of Marxism -- by Baron Bodissey, the Fjordman Report (from Norway?).  Excellent article on the fully operating Marxist strategy of "multiculturalism", relative truth, etc.  Marxism is NOT dead. 

American Deception #1 -- Charlotte Iserbyt -- a rock solid researcher with growing numbers of original documents from American and world history on the conspiracy to bring the world under One World Order.  If you want the raw evidence, here it is. 

American Deception #2 --  Charlotte Iserbyt -- an exceptional writer.   From her intro page. 

What Patriotic Americans Can Do for America --  Pastor Chuck Balwin.. 

Behind the Veil in Washington, DC.  --   Thomas Horn -- on the occult underworld which lives in the shadows of every society.  Just how much influence these people and views have is hard to determine.  But to ignore them as irrelevant is setting oneself up for a fall. 

The Death of Free Speech --  How Our Broken National Dialogue Has Killed The Truth And Divided America  -- By John Ziegler

Our Idol-Elect  --  Is "Liberalism" an Intellectual, Emotional, or Spiritual Pathology?   SUPERB!  Psychiatrist Lyle Rossiter on why so many Americans worship Barack Obama.  Deep flaws are being programmed into the American psyche.  

Sexuality -- Godly manhood and Womanhood

** An Open Letter to the Episcopal leadership ---  When will we take the battle to the enemy rather than they always to us???   E. Fox  

** E. Fox email - to Worcester Mass. Police Dept. -- are they siding with tyranny?   the WPD is apparently charging a Christian group to get protection from homosexual activists.  

** A Bizarre Event --  & Jesus on the Spot (or not)...   E. Fox 

** The Real Hate Speech --  America, you are sitting on a time-bomb.  Not that of the fanatic Muslims or homosexual persons, but that of your own comfort-seeking, apathy, ignorance, and total lack of faith that God can do anything about the situation before us.  I rarely meet a Christian who has any belief that God can give us good answers for the tragic betrayal of life, of our Constitution, and of our own Christian faith.  The response is almost always some version of "But they will just say..." -- (as though "what they would say" ended the discussion)  instead of carefully looking at the situation and finding the Godly (truthful and loving) response.    Commentary by E. Fox  

** Responding to the Homosexual Agenda  -  E. Fox on the use of his strategy.

** Letter to Beverly LaHaye at Concerned Women for America -- the abortion and homosexuality problem is executive (not judicial) activism.

The Sanctity of Marriage - Allan Dobras - on the subversive "5th Column" in America. 

Fathers into Felons...    Steve Baskerville  ---   on the coming cultural crunch.  An amazing statement of the nature of marriage and what we have done to it.   When the men wake up to what is being done, watch out.  Christians, where are you in this fray??? 

House Adds "Sexual Orientation" to "Hate Crimes"  --   The ignorance and cowardice of our leadership is wreaking its toll.   If this goes through, then what?  Maybe it takes this to wake up the people.   We could put a stop to this homosexualist momentum quickly, gracefully, and truthfully.   But that will take some backbone.  That will require a major spiritual renewal among our people -- which looks still a long way off.. 


Boston Church terrorized by "gay" activists at "Love Won Out" conference on coming out of homosexuality.   Coming to a church near you....    Stand up and be counted.   We are losing this war ONLY because our side will not stand up and force a discussion of homosexual behavior.  Never mind that they do the behavior in public, and that they are teaching this behavior openly and brazenly in our "public" schools -- we are too proper, too prudish, too cowardly, or too ignorant to stand up and force homosexual advocates to tell the public what they want us to approve -- their behavior

Where are all the Men??? --  not in churches, but why?? 

Butch O'Hare & Emmaus Ministries -- in Chicago...  by John Green.  A ministry to male prostitutes...

A Culture of Passivity -- "Protecting" our "children"... at VA Tech...   Mark Steyn. 

UK Anglican Bishop Fined 47,345 and Sent for "Re-Education" in Gay Employment Case  --  the coming totalitarianism.  This is an issue where Christians must be willing to spend time in jail, and learn how to handle themselves in re-education ("brainwashing") classes.   Could you handle such a situation as the bishop's? 

How the Mass. Legislature Spends its Funds --  $3/4 Mil. for perversion of youth.  Has it gotten bad enough for you, dear American public, to do something about it? 

Sword of the Spirit

** The Sword of the Spirit -- What is it?   E. Fox 

Radio Liberty -- a superb resource for understanding our culture, and why systematic destruction of Western Civilization is happening.  As FDR said, "If it happens in politics, somebody planned it."    We are in a  war of the spirit, and the Church is waving a rubber sword (not of the Spirit) with its pants falling down around its knees. It is time we unsheathed the Sword of the Spirit.   Our choice is between "Jesus is Lord" or civil government is lord.  George Bush is neither teaching nor leading like a Christian, a follower of Jesus.  Choose this day whom you will serve. 

Tragedy -- see also Disasters in Politics Library

** "God & Tsunamis"  --  E. Fox  -- What is a Christian to make of all these "Acts of God"???   A good bit. 

** Terrorism & Metaphysical Stability --  on the ONLY reliable stability in times of deep trouble.  E. Fox

** 9-11 -- Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve...   How to respond in times of deep tragedy.   E. Fox

Anne Graham -- We Reap What We Sow --    A MUST READ 


** The War against the Imago Dei  -- 

** What is FREEDOM? -- Earle Fox -- a basic concept which is badly misunderstood, and the right understanding of which will help resolve enormous problems in Western Civ.

** Text of Pope's message to Islam  -- a winner...!    With commentary by E. Fox  

** Powerful Papal Challenge to Islam and Secularism --  Commentary by E. Fox

** Atonement: Jesus or Santa???   Who is this Grinch that stole Christmas??? 

** Dying a Successful Death -- Palm Sunday sermon by Earle Fox. 

False Dawn - by Lee Penn.   Link to review of new book about the United Religions Initiative, the New Age movement, and globalism.  The review looks good.  That there is a coming conflict of worldwide dimensions coming down the pike as the book notes is beyond dispute, in my humble opinion. 

The Truth Project  --  Focus on the Family --   Worldview issues are catching on...! 

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