How Witness Lee employed Spiritual and Psychological Triage to bring Chefoo into Revival

''Here you need to take out the files of the brothers and sisters and read them carefully. Sometimes you should not read them alone, but with the other responsible ones from the district. Sometimes you have to fellowship with the brothers and sisters directly to touch their real inward condition. After you have touched their real condition, you can classify them. The living ones will belong to one category. The dead ones will belong to another category. Those who are half-dead are also put into a third category. During these days, I have been conducting this training. Sometimes I have to stay up until midnight to prepare these lessons. The next morning I have to rise up early again. Someone has told me that I am too tired. But I will tell the brothers and sisters that if I were to serve as an elder in Taipei, in another year, I would lose another thirty pounds. To be an elder is much more exhausting than to take care of a training.''

''When I was taking care of the churches in northern China, we did this kind of classification at that time. We divided the brothers and sisters into twelve classes. The lowest-numbered class is the dead ones. The highest-numbered class is the living ones. In between are the half-dead ones, and the ones who have been dead for a long time and are about to come alive. After classification, we should not work with the dead ones or the living ones first. Instead, we should work on the ones who are about to come alive. We looked up these people and fellowshipped with them one by one. We invited them to the love feasts and helped them solve all their problems. Sometimes we could not even help them ourselves, and we would ask another brother who had learned the lesson to help them. After we did this for a while, some of these came alive. They were class eleven. Now they have advanced to level twelve. Next, we should work with the ones who are worse, the class-ten ones. After a while, these also will become class twelve. By that time, there will be a sizable number of living ones in the church, and the church will almost become a wave offering; the meetings will become quite living. Once classes ten and eleven have been enlivened, the church is about to move on. For example, in a family the father may be class eleven. The mother may be class ten, and the daughter may be class nine. Once you have enlivened the class-eleven father and the class-ten mother, the daughter will more or less come along. She would say, "Since my father and mother are loving the Lord, I should love the Lord too!" They may have another son in the house who belongs to class eight. Even he will become alive now. If this goes on, by the time the sixth class has been worked with, the church will no longer be a wave offering, but a heave offering as well, and there will be a real revival. Most people will have become living, and the remaining few, even if they are not living, will be made alive together. This is very easy. I wish to tell the brothers and sisters that this was the revival of Chefoo in 1943. The brothers and sisters became alive one after the other, and there was no way for the church to fail to be revived.''

Witness Lee - Elders' Management of the Church, The, Chapter 11, Section 5 (1963) Published by Living Stream Ministry - Anaheim, California This portion is also found on page 33 of the 2008 LSM re-print of Raul Bajandas' ''Vital Groups Excerpts from the Ministry'' AKA ''The 64 Pages''

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